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A multitude of material has been written about sex trafficki

A multitude of material has been written about sex trafficking and there are a lot of different messages out there. Part of what muddies the waters is a misinformation campaign lead by organisations claiming to. These organisations paint a very different picture to what is actually occurring. Lenore Black, who we have interviewed, did not recognise she was a survivor until long after the crimes, and her trauma, took place. What began as has lead to an honest retelling of her experience as a survivor of child sex trafficking.I am a survivor of child sex trafficking- specifically a child porn ring. I am also a sex worker. I want to talk about why the current hysteria around child sex trafficking actually causes more harm than good... [a thread] CW everything. — Sex Witch (@Lenore_Black) I became an advocate for sex trafficking after realizing that I had been a victim of it 15 years after it happened. It was such a disorienting and confusing experience, that I did not even realize it was happening! I never stood on a street corner, I never made any money, and I never did anything against my will. I wrote the tweet above from a very emotional place, as a reaction to a lot of the posts I was seeing go viral online about child sex trafficking, and what kinds of people were committing these crimes. I knew about sex trafficking as a kid, but much like rape- I only believed that it existed in a very specific context. I equated sex trafficking with sex slavery, which is one part of it, but in reality sex trafficking is so much more complicated and nuanced than that. I define Euroescort as someone who is being sexually exploited by someone else. Exploitation can look like sex slavery, but it can also look like grooming and manipulation, leaving survivors totally confused about what happened. I’m not kidding! These things are oftentimes so complicated and interwoven that it’s very difficult for survivors to pull it apart, which is why it too

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